Monday / November 1st / 2004

Pucchi Best 5!

A little news has been found about Pucchi Best 5 at the Shinseido Shopping site:

Pucchi Best 5 will contain songs from artists such as Maki Goto, Natsumi Abe, Biyuuden and Berryz Koubou. Songs confirmed to be on PB5 will be Eco-Moni's song, Berryz Koubou's [ PIRIRI to Yukou ], Rika Ishikawa & Natsumi Abe's [ GOOD BYE HELLO ] and remixes of Nochiura Natsumi's [ LOVE LIKE CRAZY ] and W's [ ROBO KISS ].


Releases: 12/22

Monday / October 25th / 2004

Welcome to the newly re-designed News section! I plan to keep this as the main source page for News. It's a bit too much to update 5+ different pages with the same news. @_@ So let's wish for the best! *^_^*b


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